A Day in the Life: A Trip to See the Queen!

ThreadBEAR and Mother Bear Visit the Queen in Nottingham

Oh my! What an exciting day it has been. Mother Bear and I went on a royal trip to see the Queen!

As part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the Queen and co. have been visiting different cities all over the UK. Today, Queenie, Prince William and Princess Kate came to say hello to Nottingham! Mum and I love the royals, so of course, we went to go and wave our flags. Any excuse for a celebration!

Outfit: Denim Dress with ThreadBEAR Jubilee Collar

I thought it only right to wear my red, white and blue collar – I was feeling very patriotic today. Feeling covetous? You can get one of your own from ThreadBEAR!

We arrived early in the morning to try to get a good viewing spot. The atmosphere in the crowd was lovely; lots of people wearing red, white and blue and waving their flags. Whilst we were waiting for the royals to arrive, there was a fantastic marching band to keep us entertained.

Queen in Turquoise Suit

The royal party arrived in Nottingham Market Square to whoops and cheers, and it was lovely to see them chatting with people in the crowd. Queenie looked beautiful in a pretty turquoise suit, whilst Princess Kate was in classic navy. I was really struck with how much the Queen was smiling actually; a lot more than I had seen on the TV. So many people were giving her and the Duchess of Cambridge bunches of flowers. After they had walked through the crowd, they went into the council house where they met various dignitaries and young people from Nottingham.

Queen on Nottingham Council House Balcony

They made their appearance on the council house balcony, as the crowd sang the national anthem. Wonderful!

It really was a lovely day, and made much more fun by sharing it with Mother Bear. We finished our day off in the traditional British fashion, by going for a cup of tea and a piece of cake in our favourite café.

What have you done to celebrate the Jubilee? Share in the comments section!


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