ThreadBEAR Weekly: Tribal Chain Necklace in Mint and Coral

ThreadBEAR Tribal Chain Crochet Statement Necklace in Mint and Coral

I’ve decided that every Monday, I am going to feature a product from my Etsy shop on my blog. Fun fun fun! So, for my first week, I am going to be sharing the Tribal Chain Necklace in Mint and Coral (also known as the necklace I wear every day!! Oops!)

Okay, so I may be exaggerating a little. I don’t wear mine every day. But I do wear it more days in the week than I don’t! It’s just so easy to wear, and looks great with most of my wardrobe!

Close up of Mint and Coral Tribal Chain Crocheted Statement Long Necklace

I designed this necklace after having visited an amazing haberdashery and trimmings shop in London. It’s very hidden away, but they have a huge collection of amazing ribbons, fringing, buttons and more. They also have a GREAT selection of unusual chains. I had no plans to buy anything for myself when I visited this shop; I was just going with my boss to pick up some ribbons for some samples we were making.

But then I saw it.

Animal print chain. But not remotely tacky or kitsch; just abstract enough to hint at an animal print, whilst giving a big nod to the tribal trend. It’s nice and chunky, and weighty enough to jingle quietly as you walk. The colours are perfect: pure white, with shades of camel and charcoal. It was just begging to be paired with a bit of pastel!

Animal Print Printed Chain Crochet Pastel Necklace

I used these colours in this necklace, as they feel really fresh. They are perfect for summery days, reminding me of ice creams on the beach!

What I particularly love about this necklace is how versatile it is. It is completely adjustable, as it just ties at the back in a bow. This means that it can be worn with loads of different necklines, as you can wear it both long and short. It can also be worn around your head as a headband, or as a belt around your waist! It’s something you can really experiment with.

Long Chain Necklace Adjustable ties at the back versatile everyday necklace

For only £28, you can get one of your own here, in the ThreadBEAR Etsy shop!

What is your favourite piece from my shop? What would you like me to feature next week? Share with me in the comments section.


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