ThreadBEAR Weekly: Friendship Bracelet in Lime and Silver

Textile fiber friendship bracelet in neon lime and silver chain

It’s Monday again! Gosh, this week has gone fast – or is it just me?! Anyway, today’s featured ThreadBEAR product is the Friendship Bracelet in Lime and Silver.

Before designing the friendship bracelets, I had been wanting to design some bracelets for a little while. I kept on seeing my friends and family in delicate little bracelets that they had stacked on each wrist. I just love the kind of jewellery that you can pile on!

Inspired by my beautiful friends and family, I designed my range of friendship bracelets. With a nod to the friendship bracelets I used to wear as a child, it’s much more sophisticated, using 100% cotton and silver-plated chain. I love the colour of this particular bracelet; the lime is so bright and cheery and looks wonderful combined with the silver-plated chain. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of neon to your outfit without looking like you’re wearing a high viz jacket!

neon plaited cotton textile bracelet with silver chain

My favourite detail in these friendship bracelets are the five silver-plated hoops that are randomly placed throughout the bracelet. Considering the meanings of the friendship bracelets I used to wear as a child, I wanted to express something of my own feelings for my close friends in these new bracelets. These five hoops represent my hopes and prayers for those friends: love, happiness, health, growth and an enduring friendship. As you buy these bracelets, whether it’s for yourself or for a special friend, I hope these things for you too.

For only £15, or £25 for a pair, you can get one of your own in the ThreadBEAR shop.

Who will you be buying a friendship bracelet for? What does that person mean to you? Share with me in the comments section.


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