Kidface is a beautiful fine art photography shop, run by artist, Jodie Williams. She also happens to be my best friend! Rather the camera enthusiast, she takes her photographs on vintage cameras (of which she has quite a collection!)

Most of her subject matters are found on her travels, finding unusual characters like a lonely spaceman and a queen in the gutter. What I love about them is that they always capture a mood; they feel quite emotional. Looking at her work, I am drawn into her world, full of beauty and wonder and eccentricity, but there’s also a hint of stark sadness. I have no idea if that is the intention!

If you would like to buy one of her photography prints, or see more of her amazing photographs, you can find her work in her Etsy shop.

Why not have a look in Jodie’s etsy shop and tell me what your favourite photograph is? Please share in the comments!


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