ThreadBEAR Weekly: Peter Pan Collar in Grey Ombré

ThreadBEAR Crochet Lace Peter Pan Collar in Gray Ombre Stripe

Happy Monday!

Today’s featured ThreadBEAR accessory is the lovely Peter Pan Collar in Grey Ombré, as seen in the recent Etsy Fashion newsletter. This appears to be my most loved product, with lots of views and hearts. It is also one of the first ThreadBEAR pieces I ever made!

Crochet Lace Black Grey Cream Peter Pan Detachable Collar in Wool

I love collars on anything. They make an outfit feel so pretty and feminine! When I designed these crochet collars, I wanted to add an unusual contrasting element to them, which is why I started crocheting into chunky chain. The chain makes the collars feel more like a piece of jewellery than an accessory, and gives them a lovely weight. This particular chain is silver-plated and is the perfect foundation to start my ombré, since it is so light in colour.

Crochet Lace Collar in Grey Stripe Ombre

With reference to the ombré trend, I started my crochet lace pattern in a soft cream pure wool yarn, and went through to slate grey ending up in a dark, dark charcoal. The effect works really well, and gives the collar extra depth. The wool yarn is so soft, and not remotely scratchy. It just gives a little added warmth on those days where there is a chill in the air. I plan on doing a summery cotton version in this colourway too.

The little finishing touch is on the end of the crochet ties. The cords are finished off with beautiful silver-plated cord ends, which weight them perfectly. I love the way they swing gently as you walk.

Crochet Lace Detachable Peter Pan Collar Necklace with Silver Chain

This lovely little collar is £38 and can be found in my both my Etsy and my IndieMade shop.

P.S. Notice anything different today? Yes, that’s right! I now have my very own IndieMade shop, where you can buy my products. No need for an Etsy or Paypal account; just fill in your details at checkout and it’s yours! Both of my shops ship worldwide, so let’s get shopping!

What outfit would you wear this collar with? Share in the comments section.


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