Swedish Apartment - Scandinavian Swedish Danish Furniture Design

I don’t know if any of you read the Bleubird blog? I love it. This morning she shared some gorgeous photographs of an apartment in Sweden that is currently for sale. I just ADORE Scandinavian design, and these photographs had me drooling! I thought you guys might like them too, so I thought I would share them, alongside a few pieces I would like to buy if I was super rich!

Scandinavian Home Decor Swedish Apartment

Scandinavian Kids Room Swedish Home DecorIsn’t that kid’s bed amazing?! It extends as your child grows. This is very much my most loved home style; simple, clean and bright with pops of bright, saturated colour. I think this even extends into my ThreadBEAR styling!

If you are looking for ways you can bring Scandinavian design into your own home, here are a few gorgeous options:

If, like me, you need a bigger Scandi fix, you can browse through the rest of the photos of the apartment hereand share your favourite rooms in the comments section!


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