Why do I do what I do?

ThreadBEAR at the Nottingham Contemporary Summer Craft FairThank you to everyone who came to my stall at the Nottingham Contemporary Craft Fair last weekend! I really appreciate your support and positive feedback. Now that it’s over, it’s time to focus on ThreadBEAR Winter 2012 – how exciting! To celebrate this, I thought I would share with you…

…Why I do what I do.

I create knitted and crocheted accessories for ThreadBEAR because I believe that my products are more than just accessories.

The world has the potential of being the most beautiful place, if experienced in the right way. Even in the midst of pain and brokenness, there is beauty to be found. The whole world is art; living and breathing.

ThreadBEAR products carry an almost childlike playfulness, which is entirely intentional. They are designed to make the wearer feel beautiful, but also empower the wearer to see beauty elsewhere in the world. To MAKE their own beauty.

And I just love to see the excitement in people’s eyes when they buy a ThreadBEAR accessory from me. I love to receive emails from customers telling me how special their purchase made them feel – not just the product, but the entire package because it’s personal. I just LOVE to give great customer service. It makes me feel special too!

Seeing a design come to life; from sketchy paper to buttery soft knit, is the most wonderful experience. All my beliefs: that a single piece of jewellery can change how you feel about yourself, that a thick, cosy scarf is as comforting as a big hug; that childlike awe is good for the soul… they’re all represented in that one piece. And I build it, stitch upon stitch.

What’s even more beautiful is when a customer buys that piece, and just gets it. To some people, it may just be a hat. But to those people, it is way more. It is something warm and comforting to wear on a melancholy day, something that makes them want to wrap up and go on their most excellent adventures.

Something that opens up their eyes to beauty, and restores the childlike wonder and awe in their hearts.

That’s why I do what I do.


4 responses to “Why do I do what I do?

  1. This is great! A business plan is important for every business becuase it specifies EXACTLY WHAT you will be doing… but knowing WHY you do what you do is just as important. What I like most about your WHY is that you love it (as opposed to money or fame).

    • I would agree with you on that, Maddie. In fact, why bother knowing what you will do without knowing why you are doing it? It makes a huge difference!

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