Francis Upritchard: Of Hippies and Holy Fools

Francis Upritchard - Breath

Francis Upritchard

Francis Upritchard - BelieverI have been wanting to go back to the Nottingham Contemporary all week, ever since I had a tiny glimpse of the latest exhibition whilst I was at the craft fair. They are currently exhibiting Francis Upritchard’s collection of technicoloured figures. A native New Zealand-er, she now lives in a beautiful flat in London with her husband and furniture designer, Martino Gamper.

This particular exhibition draws inspiration from ‘the failure of the 1960s and 70s counter-culture, and it’s gaudy, individualistic aftermath.’ In her opinion, the time of the hippies came and went, without many of the things they hoped for happening. Now we are left with the ‘alternative’ result. Rather an interesting concept to work from!

I really enjoyed looking around, and taking it all in. The colours are so vibrant, yet almost a bit sickly. As a whole, the  figures are quite unsettling, and yet that’s why I loved them! They hold awkward and gangly postures, each one alone and with their eyes closed Perhaps this is a reference to the individualistic aftermath she spoke of?

If you live in Nottingham, or perhaps nearby, why not go to visit the exhibition at the Nottingham Contemporary? It is on until 30th September 2012.

Images courtesy of Kate MacGarry, London.


2 responses to “Francis Upritchard: Of Hippies and Holy Fools

    • That’s fine. No need to link to me :) Just link to Francis Upritchard, the artist, and Kate MacGarry, the photographer. Thanks!

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