Would You Like to Make Your Own Buttons?

Homemade Polymer Clay ButtonsSince it’s now August, it is about time I started knitting up lots of beautiful ThreadBEAR goodies for Winter. I already have a little stash, squirreled away that I just know you will love. I am really excited about this Winter for ThreadBEAR.

Some of my designs require lovely big buttons, and after thorough searches in my local haberdashery and a good look online, I concluded that there was nothing suitable for ThreadBEAR. I would just have to make my own!

Ha, and this was decided when I had absolutely no idea how on earth I would do this…!

Thank goodness, the idea of making them from polymer clay came to me, and after a bit of research, I found out it is machine washable too – yippee! So one afternoon last week, I took the opportunity to do a bit of experimentation with my buttons to decide on how I will design them. It was such good fun, I thought I would share with you how to make your own buttons too!

So first, pre-heat your over to 130c and lay out some baking paper on a clean surface where you will be working.

Flesh tone polymer clay

I used Fimo Soft in Flesh colour for my buttons. Pull off a piece of clay and soften it in your hands. With a rolling pin (or a plastic beaker in my case!) roll it out to your desired thickness, and using a tiny biscuit cutter, cut out your button shapes.

Toothpick engraved polymer clay button

Using a toothpick or thick tapestry needle, carefully draw your design onto your disk of clay. I chose to write ThreadBEAR in the same way it is written on my packaging stickers.

Polymer Clay Button with Metallic Powder Finish

I made another one in the same manner, and brushed it with a gold powder to experiment with a metallic finish.

Seed Beads Pushed into Polymer Clay Button

I experimented with another button by pushing seed beads into it. I had no idea if they’d melt, but thought it could be interesting either way. They didn’t melt, but definitely gave an interesting effect.

Simple Polymer Clay Personalised Buttons

I also tried out a much more simple design, which I kind of liked, but it wasn’t my favourite.

Finished Polymer Clay Buttons

Once you’re finished modelling your buttons, put them on same baking parchment in a baking tray, and bake them in the over for approximately 30 mins at 130c. When they were cool, I used a varnish on some of my buttons to experiment with a glossy finish too. The more layers of varnish, the more glossy the buttons.

I really enjoyed working with a completely new medium for a while, and I know it’ll be so wonderful to know that I completely handmade my accessories – even the buttons! I think I have decided on using the ThreadBEAR button I made first. I like how the cursive font relates to my logo, and the simple flesh tone of the button feels clean and sits well with my chosen winter colour palette. I will be keeping it matte, as although the glossy finish looks great, the matte looks great next to cosy knit.

What do you think? Which one if your favourite? I’d love to know, so share it in the comments section.

Now, get making your own buttons too!


7 responses to “Would You Like to Make Your Own Buttons?

  1. Now this is called creativity! I never would have thought to make my own buttons! My favorite button is the one with the beads. I’m glad they didn’t melt in the oven :)

    • It was really very simple actually, considering I’d never really worked with polymer clay before. I like that you can see my fingerprints all over the buttons if you look carefully – it shows they are really handmade!

    • Thank you Ines! They were such good fun to make as well. I really encourage you to try it yourself :) I shall definitely be sharing more and more peaks into my winter collection in the next few weeks, so you’ll get to see how I’m using them. Exciting!

  2. This is a very cool experiment! I’m crazy about buttons and have been frustrated a lot of times about finding really cute ones. The idea of making my own is just sweeeet definitely giving this one a try…(someday) hehe! Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Yeah, it’s great because you can make them in whatever colour you like, and they you can customise them to your exact requirements. They’re ideal when you’re finding it tricky to match up buttons! I’m glad you’re going to try it out – they are really easy when you get going with it.

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