ThreadBEAR Winter 2012 Moodboard

Autumn Fall Winter Design Moodboard 2012After yesterday’s post about the buttons I am making for ThreadBEAR Winter 2012, would you beautiful people like to hear about what is inspiring me for this collection? I hope so!

In recent months, I have been all about simplicity, from the way that I dress to the way that I eat to the way that I want my house to look (although that doesn’t always work out, ha!) In some ways, I think I have just been all too aware of how complicated life can get, and I am just running in the opposite direction. It is seriously liberating to let go of all the fuss and clutter!

So when approaching this collection, I knew immediately that I wanted to channel some of that simple, Scandinavian aesthetic into my accessories. I see these accessories as being the main focus of your outfit – beautifully designed with pops of vibrant colour, and of course, in luxurious fibers.

I’ve also been really inspired by all of the amazing graphic prints I have seen all over the place, being particularly interested in Bauhaus textiles. Simple expressions of these sorts of prints will be making their way into ThreadBEAR Winter, which is exciting. In fact, it’s making me want to knit right now!

I vision you being enveloped in these accessories – scarves you can bundle up in, hats you can pull right over your ears and thick, cosy mittens. These are the accessories that you will turn to year after year, because they are cosy, comforting and just make you feel amazing.

Sources (clockwise): Scandinavian Interiors, Red Scarf Girl, Art Print, Desert Boots, Mustard and Stripe Outfit, Graphic Skirt


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