A Life in Threads

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My knitwear training began at the age of 8 when my Nannan taught me to knit. What started out as a blanket became a shoestring scarf for my toy rabbit!

I very rarely knitted for a long while after that, until I got to the age of 13 and decided I was going to knit myself an entire jumper, whilst I stayed for a week at my Nannan’s house. Surprisingly, I managed it! And it was pretty good. It was super chunky in beautifully soft merino yarn, in a design from a Rowan magazine. It even featured intarsia – I must have been mad to attempt it!

After that, I was hooked. I have knitted/crocheted most days since then, believe it or not! I can even remember creating a presentation for my English class about knitting… Bless them – they must have been enthralled!

Just before I turned eighteen, I left my Saturday job, working at a costume shop, and started working as a rep for Rowan at my local John Lewis department store. It was seriously my dream job! I got to talk about knitting to customers, help them with their projects, teach little tutorials and host coffee mornings. During my two years working for them, I spent one summer helping out in the offices and design room in the Mill where Rowan is based. It was lovely.

And now, I am just about to start my final year of a 4 year degree. This is the same degree that I researched and printed out the course info for, when I went to see my careers advisor at the age of 15. It’s amazing to look back and see that the paths of my life have always been directing me this way!

My degree is just wonderful, and I am surrounded by so many inspiring and talented girls who all love knitwear as much as I do! Each project and each brief pushes me onward, and teaches me how to be more creative; more innovative. It shows me that knit doesn’t have to be confined to the realms of a fuzzy jumper (although I’m sure you all know that I am a BIG fan! Ha)

With only one month until I return to university, I am SO looking forward to seeing what this year brings; in uni, in ThreadBEAR and just life in general. And of course, I will be sharing it with you along the way!


3 responses to “A Life in Threads

  1. This was really great to read. I had no idea that you have had such a long and passionate relationship with yarns, knitting, and all things related. How great because not many people can say they’ve done something nearly as long as you

    • Thanks Maddie! It’s great to hear that you enjoyed it. Yeah, my knitting life has been quite long considering I’m only 22! Long may it continue ;)

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