5 Reasons Why YOU Should Buy Handmade

Sneak Peak of New ThreadBEAR Product

Sneak Peak of New ThreadBEAR Product… Coming Soon!

Buying handmade is a big part of my life, and has been for a few years now. And since you’re reading my blog, I should hope you’re a big fan too! But just in case you need persuading, here are 5 reasons why buying handmade will bring value and beauty to YOUR life. Let’s go!

1. Because it’s made by someone who genuinely loves what they are creating.

I can guarantee that for you, right now. I absolutely ADORE ThreadBEAR. You can read in my recent blog post just how long knitting and crochet has been a part of my life. It is my all-consuming passion, and to spend my days creating products that I know people will use and love for many years is a dream come true.

By buying handmade, you are enabling me, and other fabulous designer makers, to continue doing what we love, PLUS you get to own something that has been made with love rather than in a cold corporate environment.

2. Because it’s a more ethical way of shopping.

The sad reality of the world is that rather a LOT of the goods that we buy are made in factories with less than satisfactory working conditions, with workers being paid less than what they need to support their families. I know we don’t like to think about it, but it’s the truth.

Why do you think that new dress of yours cost only £10? Think about the cost of the materials to produce, the time it took to make, the cost of shipping it on multiple journeys across the world PLUS the markup the company needs to include to even make a profit. How does this add up?? The answer is: it doesn’t.Buying handmade means that you can be almost certain that no one is being exploited in order for you to own this beautiful dress. Yes, it will be a fair bit more expensive (and it should be if the designer maker is paying themselves properly) but it is made FAIRLY.

I’m not suggesting we totally start boycotting anything made in a factory, as they are a great source of jobs in poorer countries, but buying handmade is a step towards creating a more ethical manufacturing industry.

3. Because you can buy something created in very limited numbers.

Often with handmade products, they are made in small batches. When I think about the products I make, there are very few that actually exist in the world! For example, my Bohemian Necklaces. I only bought a couple of meters of the chain that I used for these necklaces, and after that, my suppliers stopped producing it. This means that I could only make ONE necklace in each colour. So each necklace is one of a kind! There will never be another one of these in the world. Pretty special, right?

I know that you want to be seen as an individual, so buying handmade gives us the opportunity to own something completely one of a kind that no one else will have!

4. Because you are directly supporting the craftsperson to grow their business.

When you buy handmade, unlike in more of a corporate setting, the money goes directly to the craftsperson, which will then pay their salary, their overheads AND the profit will be invested back into growing their business. If you love a designer maker’s products, buy them! That way, you are receiving something beautiful AND you are enabling them to grow their business to make it even bigger and better! It’s a win/win situation.

5. Because handmade gifts are way more personal than shop bought ones.

When giving gifts, you want to buy something that is as individual as the person who is receiving it. Handmade products are so personal, literally created within the hands of the maker. When it comes to gift-giving times, I often buy handmade because I know how much my family and friends appreciate it. They love the story behind the products, and the effort I have made in finding this gift for them. Why not make a commitment to buying handmade this Christmas (yeah, I said the C word!) and see how much your friends and family love you for it!

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4 responses to “5 Reasons Why YOU Should Buy Handmade

  1. buying handmade items has also become more and more important to me over the years. One, because there is a story behind each item and not a manufacturing process and two, because it’s more unique.

    • Yeah, I love the stories behind an item! To think of all that has happened to it in it’s journey to you. It gives me such a personal connection to the seller when I know their hands have crafted it.

  2. Amazing Clare. Especially number 2. (and I love how well you worded it!). It is so easy to buy high street clothes and to forget the harsh reality that many face in factories daily. Let us learn to always shop with heart. X

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