The Day I Ran Away to the Circus

Butterscotch and Beesting Moon Caterpillar IllustrationThis weekend was my favourite for quite a while. I haven’t properly taken a whole weekend off for too long, so it was very welcome PLUS I got to spend it with one of my most favourite people; my best friend Sophie.

We spent Saturday just hanging out at Barnsdale Hall, which is a hotel/spa near where she lives. We swam a little, and spent probably too much time in the Jacuzzi, wrinkling up like prunes. The evening was full of delicious food and laughing LOTS with her family and her crazy dancing dog, Phoebe. It was a lot of fun.

I want to tell you about Sunday though.

A while ago, I saw that Renegade Craft Fair was back in London on the 15th and 16th September. It’s a craft fair that I would love to sell at one day, so I though this was a prime opportunity to check it out and see what it’s like before I make the decision to get a stall there.

Sophie and I headed to Shoreditch, stopping at The Vintage Emporium on the way for a cup of tea and a sandwich in their tea rooms. It really is the most beautiful place, with gorgeous antique furnishings and always a fantastic soundtrack of old spiritual songs. Downstairs, they have an extensive collection of proper vintage clothing, dating back as far as the Victorian times. Their selection of 1920s day dresses get me everytime!

Whilst we were there, we met the resident dog who rather took a liking to Sophie’s meal. Thankfully, she had finished it!

The Vintage Emporium London Dog

It was a great choice of weekend, with London Fashion Week going on, and various art festivals in the area. There were plenty of people milling about, meaning that the fair seemed to have a steady stream of people looking around. The standard of the vendors was extremely high and nicely varied too, so it was great to look around.

There were a couple of vendors that I particularly liked, one be Alice Tams from Birds in Hats. Ha, she literally just sells illustrations of birds in hats. Pigeons in Top Hats… Geese in Propeller Beanies… Zebra Finches in Boaters… You name the bird, she’s put a hat on it! Sophie, ever the pigeon lover, stocked up on pigeon cards. Look how happy she is!

Pigeon Cards Birds in HatsMy absolute favourite vendor though was a lady called Camilla, who is the creative mastermind behind Butterscotch and Beesting. She has created an entire world, which she illustrates from.

It is full of people and animals who had run away to the circus together. The circus flies around in a hot air balloon made of tiny little bumblebees flapping their wings, travelling to wherever there is nectar. I could tell you way more, but I just wouldn’t tell the story like she can!

I bought a necklace from her, made up of hand-painted wooden beads. Camilla told me all about the inspiration for this necklace, which is the moon who paints her face like a clown to let everyone know the circus has come to town. When she’s no longer needed in the night sky, she turns into a caterpillar and creeps under the circus tent to watch the show. My necklace is the moon caterpillar! What a crazy, lovely story. I was totally captured by this world Camilla had created.

Butterscotch and Beesting Moon Caterpillar necklaceI totally recommend having a peek into the Butterscotch and Beesting world, full of magic and curiosities. She sells beautiful prints, cushions, lampshades and confectionery. You can find the moon caterpillar necklace in her Etsy shop.

Did anyone else go to Renegade London? Or perhaps you’ve been to other Renegade fairs elsewhere? I’d love to hear about your experience there.


2 responses to “The Day I Ran Away to the Circus

  1. I checked out Butterscotch and Beesting it definitely has a great shop. Speaking of niche’s, it was interesting to come across this vendor whose whole business is based off of one theme. See, niche’s can be successful!

    • Totally! This niche works so well for her. When I was speaking to her on Sunday, Camilla was saying how inspired she gets working from this ‘storyline’ – there are so many characters that can come in and out of it!

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