Hello, Dolly!

Folk Art Doll Soft Sculpture Hand EmbroideredHillery Sproatt

Yesterday, whilst browsing the internet, I discovered these charming, hand-embroidered dolls, created by Hillery Sproatt. She is an artist, living and working in Baltimore, Maryland, where she makes beautiful prints, drawings and embroidered textile pieces. She also co-owns Rebe, a womenswear label she launched with her mum when she was only 15 – wow!

I do particularly love the double-sided dolls she makes – so vibrant and bright! They are all individually made, and so each doll is unique, with their own facial expressions and characters on each side. Although these are perhaps too precious to give to a child, imagine the fun they could have with the characters. Endless make-believe opportunities!

Embroidery hand made folk doll soft sculpture

Side 1 – Stately and Beautiful Marguerite

Hand Embroidered Art Doll

Side 2 – Scruffy Old Barnard

You can buy the doll, pictured above, from Hillery’s shop, Specks and Keepings, along with lots of other wonderful treasures. I highly recommend taking a little browse around her shop, as there are plenty of beautiful, playful things to covet.


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